Instilling Resiliency in our Guests

Happy Stemsrud is a teacher of Pilates, TRX, and the Reformer classes at Three Forks Ranch. As a result of our MAYO CLINIC PARTNERSHIP she is also a certified Wellness Coach through the Mayo Clinic Wellness program.

Happy’s mission is to foster SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS by helping people find balance in their body in order to enjoy all the things they love to do in a stronger and healthier way. People don’t often think about how they move, and most people don’t move from a balanced body. That is often why people suffer from injuries. Happy helps guests to find this balance in their body and to learn how to take that new movement pattern outside the studio into their normal lives. Whether it is bringing healthy alignment to daily movements like unpacking the groceries or gardening in the yard, Happy’s goal is to help guests understand how to move through their life more efficiently. 

Another way to support SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS is by finding a balanced nervous system, which is facilitated through breath. When people find an integrated nervous system, they feel calmer. Many people may not have even realized that they weren’t calm. Many of our guests come from living very busy lives in very busy cities which results in having an elevated nervous system. Participating in all of the outdoor and physical activities on the ranch, as well as connecting with the land and with nature, really help to settle the nervous system. This brings about a calm and a quiet that had been missing in their life.

The exercise classes taught by Happy are not just about building physical strength in the studio. SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS is about learning tools that support and sustain health and wellness over a lifetime. The guests who come to Three Forks Ranch also learn a skill set of resiliency that they can take with them back into their everyday life. Resiliency might be slowing down. It might be taking a deep breath. It might be having an experience out here on the land that they can then take home with them. They may have a memory from their stay here such as, “Well, that was pretty awesome. I felt so good.  How do I bring that good feeling into this moment when I’m a little stressed out?”

With Happy as their guide, guests develop an increased sense of body awareness and accentuated focus as they move throughout their day. They learn sustainable balance and integrated movement that they can bring into all other activities. Happy says that all of the staff at Three Forks tries to embody that same spirit of resiliency as they connect with the guests. The staff and guides are excellent at seeing the potential of what that guest may actually be able to experience for themselves. As a result, the guest can then bring that elevated sense of potential, along with a newly sculpted core, home with them. 

The staff and guides at Three Forks Ranch are always looking for new ways to support guests in their SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS journey.

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